MS Koningsdam in Saranda

The 11th of April 2016 was a special day for the new summer season in Saranda, on its first sail ever , the new entry of cruise giants ,MS Koningsdam from Holland America cruises visited our city.
The 299.77 meters long cruise ship with 2000 passengers and 1000 crew on board entered the Saranda Bay on 18:15 local time and the practice group of Pilot, Harbor Master and our agent were on board of this diamond at 18:30 .
It was not an easy task for us because since 5 days ago the weather forecast was not promising and our fears proved right when Koningsdam arrived. Despite our well studied plan the Koningsdam captain refused to enter to the bay due to windy weather and for 30 minutes Koningsdam stayed away in open sea.
After 30 minutes the captain decided to follow our plan and entered the bay and anchored a mile away from the harbor.
The ship was a real diamond , a floating city! I had the opportunity to stay on board for two hours and thanks to chief purser I visited all the decks and it was amazing. A great experience and honor for our city and our country.

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    MS Koningsdam from Saranda Balcony

MS Koninsdam

MS Koningsdam is a cruise ship operated by Holland America Line (HAL), a division of Carnival Corporation. The class leader of HAL’s Pinnacle class ships, she is by far the largest ship ever to be constructed for HAL. She is also the first HAL ship to bear the name Koningsdam, which honours Willem-Alexander, the first King of the Netherlands in over a century.

Koningsdam was delivered by her builder, Fincantieri, on March 31, 2016. She departed from Civitavecchia, Italy, on her maiden voyage on April 8, 2016, and will be the subject of a gala christening in Rotterdam on May 20, 2016!

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