Government decree regarding fees in Saranda Port

This is a statement raised from our Agency regarding the new decree from the Albanian Government, Finance and Transport Ministries, for the “Determination of Fees for Port Services in Saranda, Vlora and Shengjin Seaports” which can be downloaded here.

Our Agency welcomes every initiative which deals with tourism and transportation as our fields of interest because it shows the aim of our government of developing this areas that can bring a further impact in the economic growth of Albania as a country.
But, despite this, we do not think it was the correct timing approving a raise in the fees that the vessels have to pay in mid-season.
Last day we had a notification of Seaburn Cruise Lines that they will cancel four visits planned in Saranda Port this season and we fear a domino effect with other Cruise Operators.
Especially with foreign operator that we work, it is a lack of professionalism changing the fees mid-season without any prior information, and it is our duty to report the side effects of this decree.

Decree stating “Determination of Fees for Port Services in Saranda, Vlora and Shengjin Seaports”, Nr. 3089 dated on 14/06/2016 and published in 13/07/2016